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The Resurging Popularity of Herringbone Wood Floors

If you’ve been noticing an increase in herringbone wood floors appearing in design magazines and open houses, you’re not wrong. In the past few years, thanks in part the resurgence of mid-century modern styles, this classic custom flooring design has[...]

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Parquet Flooring: A “Retro” Look Makes a Comeback

There was a time when you’d be hard-pressed to find a home without parquet flooring somewhere inside it. During the 1950s and 60s, these stylish patterned wood floors were all the rage–a perfect accompaniment to the mid-century modern look. As[...]

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Should You Consider Hand Scraped Wood Floors?

If you keep up with design and remodeling trends in any way, you’ve probably heard about the rising popularity of hand scraped wood floors. Indeed, hand scraping is rapidly becoming one of the dominant trends in home design these days.[...]

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Hardwood Flooring Color Trends for 2019

With only a couple of months left in 2018 (where does the time go?), it’s a time not only for looking back but also looking forward. Décor and home design trends may change more slowly than say, seasonal clothes fashions,[...]

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Gray Hardwood Floors: Why They’re So Popular

For the past several years, gray hardwood floors have become hugely popular. They appear consistently on hundreds of “top home trends” lists, and they dominate conversations at home shows and expos across the country. Gray floors are among the most[...]

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Top Tulsa Wood Flooring Trends for 2017

  Just as styles in the world of fashion are always changing, so do our style choices when building a home. While hardwood flooring in general is always in vogue, we’re always coming up with fresh ways to create chic[...]

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