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Just as styles in the world of fashion are always changing, so do our style choices when building a home. While hardwood flooring in general is always in vogue, we’re always coming up with fresh ways to create chic new looks that match the times. As new home starts in Tulsa continue their upward climb this year, we’re observing some specific and interesting trends in what builders and homeowners are asking for. Here are a few standout trends for Tulsa wood flooring that we’ve been seeing in 2017.

Gray Is Here to Stay—For a While, at Least

When gray-stained wood floors first started appearing a couple of years ago, most people swore it was little more than a passing fad. Not so fast: Gray floors are now more popular than ever, and they’re consistently at or near the top of our orders month after month. Gray floors add an unusual touch of elegance to any home, and they work well with almost every color scheme. Don’t expect to see this trend fading anytime soon.

Bolder Colors and Contrasts

With the exception of gray floors mentioned above, neutral is out, and bold is in. These days, basic brown and tan floors are taking a back seat while customers choose stains that are either very dark or very blonde. Dark floors add a great sense of contrast with light or white furnishings, and lighter floors can make a room feel lighter, larger and more open. If you don’t want gray, chances are you want it light or dark—not in the middle.

Wide Planking

Not only do wide planks make your room look larger, but they also add a sense of richness to your home décor. With open-concept floor plans in high demand, it comes as little surprise that wide planks continue to be very popular in 2017. They’re an excellent choice if you’re trying to create the impression of space and luxury.

Distressed Flooring


While satin finishes remain a consistent choice among Tulsa builders and homeowners, a growing number of people are calling for the “distressed” look. (Think of it almost like buying pre-damaged, hole-y jeans at one of those trendy boutiques—only for flooring.) We get frequent requests for hand-scraped finishing and beveling techniques to give brand-new floors that “lived on” look—or even to make them appear like reclaimed wood.

Creative Patterns


Another way people are making their wood floors stand out is with a nearly infinite variety of creative planking patterns. Herringbone flooring (similar to parquet, but with longer planks) is a popular pattern;  installing the planks diagonal can also add style and visual interest to any room. Or, let us create a customized pattern that’s unique and original to your space. The possibilities are endless.

While there’s something to be said about creating a “timeless” look, modern homebuilding trends tend to last a bit longer than seasonal clothing fashions. Any of these wood flooring trends for 2017 are likely to continue over the next several years, and they’re great choices for adding both elegance and resale value to your home. Here at Renaissance, we do all our stains and finishes by hand, and we use only the highest quality wood to ensure your floors last for many years to come. To learn more about current wood flooring trends in Tulsa, give us a call at 918-298-4477.