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If the thought had ever entered your mind that hardwood flooring was perhaps waning in popularity, think again.


In a recent study by Frontdoor, common home features were ranked according to how frequently prospective homebuyers sought out those features using keyword search terms on Zillow. The clear winner was…hardwood floors. In fact, Frontdoor discovered that the average home listing containing hardwood flooring received 261 views per day. (The second most sought after feature, an open floor plan, got an average of 220 views per listing per day.)


And that’s not the only way in which wood floors show up among the top Zillow listings. Another popular keyword search term among homebuyers seeking eco-friendly features was “reclaimed wood floors.” Homes with that feature got an average of 209 views per day.


The folks at realtor.com confirm this trend in their own way. Data from the National Association of Realtors suggests that 54 percent of homebuyers would gladly pay more for a house containing hardwood floors. (A good thing to know if you’re looking to maximize your home’s resale value.)


What Makes Hardwood Flooring So Popular?


It’s not hard to see why hardwood floors are still in high demand among homeowners and home buyers alike. They offer a timeless, classic look that can elevate the aesthetic of any room. But beyond its visual appeal, hardwood flooring also boasts many practical benefits that make it a top choice for homeowners.




Unlike other types of flooring, such as carpet or tile, hardwood floors can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Additionally, they are much easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials. A simple sweep or dry mop can keep them looking pristine.




With so many different types of wood species, finishes, and stains available, there is a hardwood flooring option for every style preference. Plus, they can be refinished multiple times, allowing for a change in color or sheen without having to replace the entire floor.


Air Quality


Hardwood floors also offer better indoor air quality as they do not trap dust, pollen or other allergens like carpets do. This makes them the perfect choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues. Also, wood floors naturally absorb carbon from the air during their lifetime, making them a natural choice for reducing “greenhouse gases.”




While hardwood floors may come with a higher upfront cost, they are a long-term investment that can increase the value of your home. Homes with wood flooring consistently sell faster and at higher prices than those without–the same as they have for many years.


A Timeless Choice…


While we celebrate Frontdoor’s findings, we’re not surprised by them. Hardwood floors aren’t just the most popular home feature at this moment–they’ve been the choice of builders, buyers, and owners for centuries. Their timeless appeal won’t be fading anytime soon.


Considering hardwood flooring for your home? The experts at Renaissance are ready to guide you through the process. We’ll help you choose the best option to enhance your home’s aesthetic and serve you well for many years to come. For a complementary consultation in Tulsa, Glenpool, Broken Arrow, OKC, or across Green Country, contact us today.