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Some style trends appear once, and you never see them again. Others, however, seem to make their way back into popular culture again and again. That’s exactly what we see happening with herringbone wood flooring. Although this flooring pattern has been around for centuries, it’s recently become one of our most requested floors yet again. It’s like this classic style has been rediscovered, and now, it’s making waves in modern homes, beautifully marrying old-world charm with contemporary design.


What’s the Story Behind Herringbone?


The herringbone pattern isn’t a newcomer. It’s actually been around since the days of the Roman Empire, deriving its name from its resemblance to fish bones. Originally used in brick roadways for its stability under compression, this pattern made its grand entrance into homes during the 16th century, dressing up the floors of fancy French chateaus and Italian villas. At that time, it was the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Fast forward a few centuries, and herringbone is still captivating homeowners all over the globe.


Why We’re All Falling for Herringbone


There’s something about the zigzag pattern of herringbone that just draws you in. It’s not your ordinary flooring; it’s got character and drama. It plays with light and space, making rooms look bigger and more interesting. Whether your home design is ultra-modern or more Downton Abbey, herringbone wood flooring fits right in.


It’s Not Just Pretty—It’s Practical, Too


Herringbone isn’t just about good looks; it’s also incredibly durable. The interlocking pattern of the wood planks is not just for show–it adds an additional layer of stability that can withstand lots of foot traffic and plenty of weight. (Remember–the Romans used the herringbone pattern as a way to reinforce their roads!) Ultimately, when it’s properly installed, herringbone wood flooring can last for generations–not just in style, but in substance.


Boosting Your Home’s Value


If you’re thinking of selling your home someday, herringbone floors might just be your secret weapon. Wood flooring in itself is known to boost home values, but the herringbone pattern amplifies this trend because it attracts more attention. It’s an investment that pays off by making your space more desirable to future buyers.


Trendy, Yet Timeless


Yes, herringbone wood flooring is having a bit of a moment–but considering this style has been around for ages, there’s also a timeless quality to it. This style is the perfect blend of beauty, versatility, and durability, with a splash of history thrown in for good measure. It’s a choice that says, “I love my home, and I want it to have something special.”


One important thing to keep in mind: herringbone flooring should not be installed by novices. It’s a complicated process that requires precise measuring and a high level of craftsmanship. That’s why you should only use a trusted wood flooring company to install it. At Renaissance, our team of master craftsmen are highly skilled in installing herringbone wood flooring, along with many other intricate patterns and styles. For a complementary quote in Tulsa, Catoosa, Claremore, Oklahoma City, or other parts of Green Country, contact us here.