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For the past several years, gray hardwood floors have become hugely popular. They appear consistently on hundreds of “top home trends” lists, and they dominate conversations at home shows and expos across the country. Gray floors are among the most requested products here at Renaissance, and we know we’re not the only wood flooring company seeing this trend.

The question is, why? What is fueling the popularity of gray hardwood floors? Is this truly a fad destined to fade with time, or is gray here to stay?

While these floors are certainly trendy—even chic—based on what we’ve seen the past few years, we think this is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Beyond the immediate popularity, there are some practical reasons why gray floors work well in many homes. Here’s why we think gray hardwood floors may be turn out to be both popular and timeless.

Fits Almost Any Décor

If you’re after the industrial look of a refurbished warehouse apartment, gray floors fit the bill perfectly. If you’re building a home in the country and want a more rustic, “weathered” look, gray fits there, too. From contemporary modern to traditional, decorators have discovered a universal sense of appeal with gray wood flooring. While changes in texture and design might vary, the color itself is remarkably versatile.

The New “Neutral”

For interior designers and homeowners alike, perhaps one of the most appealing features of gray floors is that “it’s not beige.” For decades, the so-called “neutral” colors have consisted of varying shades of off-white, creams and browns. Gray somehow accomplishes the same goal in that it fits well in nearly every color scheme without coming across as dull. It’s a refreshing addition to the neutral palette that offsets the look and feel of any room.

A Calming Color

It seems the color gray has gotten a bad rap over the years—something we have associated with blandness or emotionlessness, something stark and lifeless. In reality, from a psychological point of view, gray has a calming effect in home décor because of its sense of quiet stability. Because gray does not evoke a particular emotion, it offers a pleasing foundation that enhances the emotions of other colors in context. It’s one reason why modern decorators love to use it.

An Infinite Number of Hues

There are actually more than 50 shades of gray. (Collective groan.) Seriously, folks, gray floors can appear anywhere between black and white on the spectrum. When tinted and stained by expert finishers, gray hardwood floors can be light or dark, resembling bleached driftwood or deep graphite. Here at Renaissance, we mix our own colors to provide our customers with the shade of gray most suited to their needs.

Is gray here to stay? We think so. And while it’s certainly not the only option (natural wood colors continue to be remarkably popular and timeless), it’s unlikely that your gray floors will fall out of vogue anytime soon. For high quality wood flooring of any shade in Jenks, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Glenpool or surrounding areas, call Renaissance Hardwood Floors at 918-298-4477.

(Photo: Boa-Franc/Flickr)