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So you’ve decided to get new hardwood floors this spring, or to have your existing floors refinished. You’re excited about your new floors, but there’s one concern: You’ve got a beautiful baby grand piano in the great room. You’re worried about dust which could both damage the finish and ultimately affect the sound of the instrument. Or maybe it’s not a piano—maybe it’s an antique hutch that’s been in your family for generations. Maybe it’s a family heirloom. How do you protect these sensitive pieces during your hardwood floor installation or refinishing project?

By nature, any wood flooring installation or refinishing project is going to release extra dust. At Renaissance, we take extra care to minimize the effects of dust, but you still might want to take proactive steps to protect your more sensitive belongings. Here are some tips that may help.

Move Pieces Out of Reach of the Dust

With any hardwood floor installation or refinishing project, you’ll have to move all furniture out of the room so our craftsmen can work. However, moving sensitive pieces to another room might not be enough to protect them from dust in the air, especially if you have an open floor plan. For best results, try moving these pieces into a room with a door, away from the construction activity. Cover the gap under the door itself, and close the air vents to mitigate the dust coming into the area.

Cover Furniture with Blankets and Plastic

For additional protection, especially when it’s simply not feasible to seal off a room for your sensitive pieces, the next best thing is to cover those pieces with plastic. At the customer’s request, Renaissance will bring plastic sheeting to cover furniture and wall hangings for this purpose. With wood pieces, there may be an additional complication with humidity condensing under the plastic and getting your pieces damp. To keep this from happening, first cover the pieces with blankets or cloths, then place the plastic over the top. Try to make sure the pieces are covered all the way to the floor.

An Extra Precaution: Air Scrubbers

If you have numerous items that can’t be exposed to much dust, or if someone in the home is highly allergic, Renaissance can bring in air scrubbers—powerful devices that remove dust particles from the air. Strategically placed, these units placed can greatly reduce the dust output from your wood flooring project so you can rest easier. This equipment comes at an additional expense, so talk to us to get an estimate.

Obviously, no home is completely dust-free, and many of your pieces might not need this much protection. You’ll probably have to dust a little more often for the next couple of weeks after the project is complete, but for the most part you won’t see any change. However, if you’re concerned about protecting your most sensitive or costly pieces, taking these extra precautions should give you greater peace of mind. For any other questions about hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Tulsa, Jenks, Catoosa or surrounding areas of Green Country, call Renaissance Hardwood Flooring at 918-298-4477.