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Homes with a smaller square footage can feel cozy and homey, but they also can present a challenge for homeowners and decorators. Too much furniture or the wrong color schemes and patterns can easily turn a “cozy” space into a claustrophobic one. Ample lighting, light colored paint and other decorating techniques can make these spaces feel more open and airy—but did you know your choice of hardwood flooring can also add a sense of space to your room? When remodeling a smaller home, or a small room within the home, here are some tips for how to use hardwood flooring to your best advantage.

Choose Wider Planks

When deciding on plank widths, you might assume wider planks might feel too large for the room. Actually, the opposite is true—wider planks create a sense of space. Conversely, if your wood planks are narrow, it takes more of them to cover the floor—and in a small space, this can produce a cramped feeling. Wider planks make the room feel larger.

Strategic Color Choice

While dark paint and décor can make a room feel closed-in, this isn’t necessarily the case for dark woods. In fact, when used in contrast with light, cool paint on the walls and trim, a dark hardwood floor can actually increase the sense of space. You can, of course, select a lighter wood or a lighter stain if you choose, and it may in fact open up the room—however, if your walls are also light or white, you run the risk of creating a bland space rather than an open one. The key is contrast as much as color.

Plank Direction

Just as narrow planks can create a cramped feel in a small room, so can laying the planks in the wrong direction. To create more openness, lay wood planks parallel to the longest walls in the room. Another technique is to lay the planks diagonally to draw the eye to the corners of the room. This can also be especially useful if the room is square.

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