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It happens more often than you think, and all too easily. You decide your room needs a new look, so you decide to reposition the furniture. Or perhaps you buy a new sofa, bookcase or hutch from the furniture store and you decide to save a few bucks by moving it in yourself, rather than having it professionally delivered. Whatever the case, when you’re moving heavy furniture on hardwood floors, it can be a recipe for disaster. One wrong move, and you’ve put a huge gash, scratch or scrape on those beautiful floors.

We get calls about this sort of thing all the time, and we’re happy to help repair damage to your hardwood floors whenever you need it. But if you’d rather not have to call us in these cases, here are some tips to keep your floors safe when moving those heavy pieces.

Lift, Never Drag Heavy Furniture

Dragging heavy furniture always puts a wood floor at risk, so don’t do it. If you don’t have enough manpower to lift it off the floor, get the extra help or leave it be until you do. Don’t fall prey to the notion that dragging it “slowly” or “a little” will protect your floors. Dragging it slowly only means you’re scratching the floor slowly, and dragging it even a half inch can cause a half-inch gash.

Use Gliders If Needed

If for some reason you simply can’t lift the furniture completely to move it, the next best thing is to get a set of hard surface gliders for the furniture feet. There are plenty of great products on the market to serve this purpose (including these “Supersliders”), and not only will they give your floors at least some protection, they’ll also make the furniture easier to move.

Clean the Floors First

You might not immediately associate clean floors with scratch protection, but here’s why it’s important only to move furniture on clean hardwood floors. First, even if you use gliders, tiny dirt and dust particles can get trapped under the furniture legs and cause scratching. Second, when you pick up heavy furniture, you weigh more, as well. Your weight combined with the weight of the furniture means an increased risk of grinding dirt particles into the floor under the soles of your feet. Reduce this risk by cleaning the floors before you start moving things around.

Don’t Trust Wheels or Casters

Just because something rolls doesn’t mean it’s safe on your floors. Casters can track dust and dirt particles across your floor the same as feet can—plus, if a caster gets stuck in the sideways position, it acts exactly like an immovable leg. When rolling furniture with casters, try making a path across the floor using runners or area rugs to keep the casters from making contact with the floors. ADDITIONAL TIP: If you use a dolly to move a heavy piece, only use one with inflatable rubber wheels. When they carry the weight of your furniture, hard rubber wheels can do just much damage to the floor as the furniture itself.

As with anything else, common sense ultimately rules the day when you’re moving heavy furniture. Follow these tips and you’ll keep your hardwood floors much safer. If you do happen to have a mishap that causes a scratch or gash, we’re always here to help. Call Renaissance Hardwood Floors today at 918-298-4477.