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With only a couple of months left in 2018 (where does the time go?), it’s a time not only for looking back but also looking forward. Décor and home design trends may change more slowly than say, seasonal clothes fashions, but that doesn’t mean they ever stay still. As we look ahead to 2019, we’re seeing some interesting hardwood flooring color/stain choices making their way over the horizon. Not every trend will be right for every home or personal taste, of course, but these trends certainly provide food for thought. If you’re thinking of installing new hardwood floors in the upcoming year, here are some interesting color trends that might inspire you.

Gray + Beige = “Greige”

Okay, so gray floors have been popular for a while now, and that trend is likely to continue. That said, because darker grays can sometimes leave a room looking a bit stark and cold, some homeowners are leaning more toward lighter grays—most notably, “greige,” a subtle blend between gray and beige. This warmer tone dispenses with some of the tepid blue hues in favor of lighter browns; it tends to work well with almost every decor while making the room feel more inviting. For that reason, greige is rapidly becoming one of the most popular, um, shades of gray. (Groan.)

Eclipse Black

While pure black wood floors sometimes work within some of the more monochromatic color schemes, it’s a fairly stark choice for most rooms. However, a shade being labeled “eclipse black” brings more of a shadowy charcoal look to the floor. Eclipse floors tend to look best with straight-grain wood patterns and matte finishes.

Blonde, White or Off-White

Just as white-on-white kitchens have become popular, some designers are choosing blonde, white or off-white wood flooring to create a more open feel or even a “beachy” look to a room. The look can be achieved by painting and sealing the wood (a good choice for brighter whites or modest budgets) or by whitewashing the wood for a subtler eggshell or sea-salt white. A word of caution, however: Just as white cars are almost impossible to keep clean, white floors will show stains and scuffs very easily. Best to take off the dark-soled shoes before walking on them, or for homes without small children.

High Variance

If you’re not into all of these lights, darks, grays or “greige” floors—or if you can’t decide which is best—then why settle for just one? High variance wood floors have become hugely popular, combining planks of varying shades within the color scheme for a rich, textured look that adds interest to almost any room and can work well with a variety of decorative styles. It’s also a great way to combine the best of today’s color trends.

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