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This week marks the official start of spring—and, for that matter, the unofficial start of home improvement season. As the temperatures begin warming up, you may be thinking about doing some remodeling or upgrades to your home. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your existing flooring with new hardwood floors, spring may actually be the perfect time to do it. Let’s explore four reasons why spring may be the best time to replace your hardwood floors.

1. Optimal temperature and humidity

Wood planks are sensitive to temperature and humidity levels, and they can swell or contract accordingly. Wood floors must be acclimated to the environment where they will be installed in order to prevent problems later. This acclimation is much easier during the spring months when the temperatures are moderate and before the hot, humid weather sets in.

2. Good ventilation

Wood flooring installation requires good ventilation due to increased dust and fumes. Replacing hardwood floors in the spring means we can open windows and let in the fresh air without making your home too warm or too cool.

3. Save on energy bills

When we install a floor, not only do we prefer open windows, but your doors will open and close frequently as flooring technicians bring in the wood planks, tools and supplies, remove waste, etc. In the winter and summer months, this can make your furnace or air conditioner work overtime, resulting in a spike in your energy bills. In the mild spring weather, this is less of an issue.

4. Get ahead of the summer rush

Spring and summer are understandably the busiest times of year for wood flooring companies like ours. In addition to a high demand for renovations and floor replacements, the warmer months are “prime time” for home builders in general, many of whom call on us to install their flooring. By calling us early in the season, you’ve got a better opportunity to get on our calendar with less risk of longer wait times.

Of course, we can replace hardwood floors with great success any time of year. But for added convenience and quicker response times, we’ve found springtime to be one of the best times to schedule a hardwood floor replacement. For more information about wood flooring installation in Jenks, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta and other parts of Green Country, call Renaissance Hardwood Flooring today at 918-298-4477.