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You wouldn’t know it from the warm weather around here, but the holiday season is fast approaching. We’ll soon be noshing on turkey and dressing, decking the halls and wearing those noisy sweaters we only dare to bring out once a year. If you’ve got plans to entertain this season, but your hardwood floors are contributing to your home’s “lived-in” look, now is the perfect time to think about giving them a facelift! Let’s look at several options to refresh your hardwood floors before holiday schedules kick into high gear.

Recoating the Floors

Many wood flooring companies seal their hardwood floors with at least two coats of protective polyurethane sealant. (Renaissance actually uses three coats.) If your floors look worn, we can often easily restore their brilliance by replacing this polyurethane layer. This option is the least intrusive and most affordable one. If you don’t have any deep scratches or damage to the floors, this may be all that’s needed.


For a more dramatic refresh, you might consider having your hardwood floors refinished. This process involves removing any sealant, sanding the floors, applying stain and finishing with three fresh coats of polyurethane. While this option involves a bit more time and expense, it can make your floors look brand new without actually replacing them—making your home a holiday showpiece in the process.

Replacing or Installing New Floors

Of course, if you want to give yourself and your family a lovely Christmas present this year, you might simply wish to replace those aging wood floors in your home, or perhaps replace old carpeting with luxurious new hardwoods. There’s still plenty of time to get new floors installed before the holidays—just bear in mind that schedules often fill up in advance, so you should book now to avoid the prospect of having your home under construction during the holidays.

Whether you choose to recoat, refinish or install new floors, Renaissance Hardwood Floors is here to help. We’ll get the job done right so you can enjoy the holidays in style. Give us a call for a free estimate at 918-298-4477.