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People choose hardwood floors for many reasons. Some like to follow the latest design and style trends in choosing their floors. Some just love the elegant look and feel that hardwoods bring to their home. And some just want to boost their home’s resale value. But…what if you’re thinking of your floors as a long-term investment? How can you be sure you’re picking a wood floor that will stand the test of time?

We typically think of wood flooring in general as timeless, in part because it’s durable, and in part because we’ve been using it for centuries. But not all wood floors last as long as you think. Like anything else, certain design trends go in and out of style. Sometimes, hardwood floors succumb to wear, tear, and the elements, especially if they’re not taken care of. If you truly want your wood floors to last for generations, the following four tips should steer you in the right direction.

1. Aim for Hardwoods Rather than Softwoods

Hardwoods are more durable than softwoods, so it’s no surprise that they tend to last longer while being more resistant to wear and tear. Cherry and pine may have the look you love, but they generally don’t last as long as harder, denser species like oak, maple, or walnut. For a good all-around hardwood that’s affordable, white oak is one of the most popular choices.

2. Stick with Natural Styles and Shades

Trendy colors and styles are just that: trends. That means they will eventually appear dated. Gray floors are extremely popular, for example, but wood doesn’t naturally come in gray–so eventually, we can expect gray floors to go out of style as design trends change. Natural wood tones, on the other hand, never seem to go out of style. You can go with light or dark stains, but stay with the natural, neutral look–think of wood that looks like wood.

3. Avoid Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate wood floors aren’t made of wood at all; they are only made to look like wood. And while manufacturers are getting better about making laminate flooring appear more realistic, it doesn’t change the fact that laminate wood doesn’t last like solid wood does. Don’t choose laminate flooring if you want your floors to be timeless.

4. Keep It Simple

If you’re going for a timeless look, less is typically more. Busy patterns and multiple shades can really make your home stand out today, but those patterns don’t always age well. Parquet and herringbone floors go in and out of fashion, and they’ve seen several seasons of popularity–but they definitely aren’t popular all the time. To choose hardwood floors that never lose their overall appeal, aim for simple, clean lines and traditional designs.

Whether you prefer the most current trends or a more timeless look, Renaissance Wood Flooring has the expertise, craftsmanship, and proven track record to make sure your floors are installed to last. For a free estimate on hardwood floors in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sand Springs, and other parts of Green Country, give us a call at 918-298-4477.